These are actual questions from actual administrators (not really….but you know…)

How much will it cost to have Joel speak to my students?
One millon dollars! Just kidding. No fee is set in stone for Joel to speak. We would love to work with you to make a huge impact while staying within your budget. Submit a contact form HERE and Joel’s booking manager will be in touch within two business days to discuss details.
I’ve been researching some other assembly programs. Is Joel’s presentation better than other ones out there?
Of 408 school administrators and teachers who have submitted feedback, 93.4% indicated Joel’s presentation was better than other assemblies they have had in the past.
Yeah. In fact, of that percentage, 57.1% said the message was MUCH BETTER than past assemblies. And 99.7% of respondents think Joel’s presentation would be beneficial to other schools.
Are you just making these numbers up to sound good?
Nope. Watch the powerful video testimonials from administrators HERE.
Is Joel one of those guys who did a bunch of bad stuff and then tells kids to NOT do what he did?
Well, not really. Joel tries to serve as a POSITIVE role model by sharing with students what TO DO, instead of telling them what NOT TO DO.
So what does Joel speak about?
He shares the importance of not just making commitments, but following through and keeping commitments. Joel proves through his own personal experiences that ordinary people can accomplish great things by simply following through with the commitments they have made.
I want Joel to come talk to my students on National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day about the various benefits of bubble wrap. Can he speak about that?
Hmmmm….well, he can take his core message on keeping commitments and can gear it towards pretty much any issue like bullying, character, choices, or drugs/alcohol. If there’s something else you want Joel to focus on (like bubble wrap), just let us know – he’d be glad to (try to) make it work.
How long is Joel’s presentation?
One hour. This includes a short Q&A session, which is always valuable interaction for the students.
My school is on a Sub-Antarctic island. We can send our ferry to pick him up. Can Joel come speak here?
Uh, sure. Joel will pretty much travel anywhere in the country (and the world) to speak to students.
Can he come speak tomorrow?
Probably not. That wouldn’t sit very well with his wife and his two kids. But you can see when Joel IS available to speak here. We’ll work with you to find an open date that fits in your schedule.
I would LOVE to have Joel speak to my students. How can I request him?
Click HERE.
How much can Joel bench?
More than you.
No, seriously, how much can Joel bench?
OK, seriously? 1500 pounds…..with one arm.