High School Assembly Speaker – Joel Penton

Joel Penton is one of the premier assembly speakers in the country. His desire is to reach high school and middle school students with his positive message that keeping commitments is the path to success. There are many possible motivational speakers that principals and teachers can choose from, but Joel Penton should be at the top of every list.

One quality that makes Joel Penton one of the nation’s best motivation for high school students is that he focuses on the positive. Rather than telling students what not to do and what to avoid, Joel focuses his presentation on what the students can and should do to move toward their goals. Another reason that Joel is an exceptional motivational speaker is his flexibility. His overall message about keeping commitments can be tailored to any number of specific topics including peer pressure and bullying, avoiding drugs and other destructive habits, and dealing with discouragement. Without a doubt, Joel Penton knows what it takes to stand out among motivating speakers for high school students.

Any school staff member tasked with evaluating possible high school assembly speakers needs look no further than Joel Penton. In terms of student appreciation and faculty approval, he is consistently ranked as one of the best motivational speakers in the country.