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Joel Penton – High School Assembly Speaker

High School Assemblies by Motivational Speaker – Joel Penton

Teachers and principals looking for high school assembly ideas and motivational speeches should look no further. Joel Penton provides one of the best high school assembly programs in the country. His presentation centers on the principle of keeping your commitments. His high school motivational speech encourages students to do what they said they would so that they can achieve their goals.
Many assemblies for high school students are boring. They are old-school. They lecture. But Joel has a different approach. He uses his position as a high school motivational speaker to address the difficult things every teenager faces. You could easily find a high school assembly speaker to talk about avoiding peer pressure, and another high school motivational speaker to encourage them to avoid drugs and alcohol, and other high school assembly speakers who will share their mistakes and why to avoid them, but Joel covers all of those topics in a single presentation. And his focus is positive, on the things he did well that helped him achieve his dreams.
Creating high-value school assemblies for high school students can be difficult, but it is possible to find effective high school assembly programs. Joel Penton offers one of the best. He combines the most common high school assembly ideas into a single, powerful presentation that students will talk about long after he is done. You should book Joel Penton, one of the best best high school assembly speakers in the country, today.