High School Motivational Speakers

Joel Penton is one of the nation’s best high school speakers. His Stand Your Ground program has been presented all over the Midwest and beyond, reaching over 500,000 middle school and high school. If you are in need of a motivational speaker for high school, look no further than Joel.

Joel’s program is a powerful one. Through the simple lesson of “Keep your commitments,” Joel outshines other school speakers. The lessons he shares come from his own experiences, so they are not theoretical. They are real-life strategies for success. Joel also focuses on the positive. While other motivational speakers for middle school students tell them what to avoid, Joel tells them what they can and should do for success. He offers them steps that any teen can take to achieve his or her goals.

Joel’s program is also fresh and fun. Other motivational speakers may crack corny jokes, but Joel uses the students’ own brand of humor to connect. As a motivational speaker, Joel makes his point with humor and candor, so students respect what they are hearing. The students recognize his sincerity, seeing him as a peer.

Joel Penton sets the bar high for other inspirational speakers for schools. His presentation will be enjoyable and memorable, and the program he offers will actually empower your students to succeed. Book Joel today!