Motivational Speeches for High School Students

Joel Penton specializes in inspirational speeches for high school students. The Stand Your Ground program is designed to empower students to achieve success in life through a simple formula: do what you say you will do.

While giving a motivational speech for high school students may seem straightforward, it can be a daunting task. But Joel excels in this challenging area. His topic is down-to-earth and applicable to every student in your building. The principles that Joel covers will help any student succeed in whatever area he or she pursues. More importantly, Joel’s approach is positive, rather than negative. He does not give students a list of what not to do. Instead, he focuses on the simple, practical steps that students can take that will move them forward to success in school and in life.

When they listen to a motivational speech, high school students may be tempted to tune out. But not with Joel on stage. His style is funny and casual; he does not lecture. Joel’s ability to find humor in difficult situations and valuable life-lessons from his own experiences helps the students connect with him, and this high-quality high school speech appeals to both middle and high school students, guys and girls alike.

Joel’s speech for teenagers is fresh and real. The Stand Your Ground program stands out from the crowd and will enable your teens to pursue their dreams more effectively during school and for the rest of their lives. Book Joel today!