Motivational Speeches for High School Students

Joel Penton is one of the nation’s leading youth motivational speakers. His Stand Your Ground school assembly is designed to empower students to achieve success in life through a simple formula: do what you say you will do. Preview and assembly below.

One Life Changing School Assembly, Zero Scare Tactics

What makes Joel different is his positive approach. He does not give students a list of what not to do. Instead, he focuses on the simple, practical steps that students can take that will move toward success in school and in life.

Joel’s motivational speech for high school students is fresh and real. His Stand Your Ground presentation will enable your students to pursue their dreams more effectively during school and for the rest of their lives.

Bring Joel To Your School

Contact us and we’ll send you a copy of Joel’s book, Stand Your Ground, to see his message will a is the right fit for your students.