Joel Penton

Effective Middle School Assembly Programs By Joel Penton

Assemblies for Middle School Students by Joel Penton

Middle school assemblies are not easy to do well, but Joel Penton provides one of the best middle school assembly programs in the country. In his assemblies for middle school students, Joel challenges these young people to keep their commitments. To do what they’ve said they would do. And he uses his own life experiences to illustrate just how important keeping your commitments can be.
Joel is uniquely able to communicate well in middle school assemblies. He makes the students laugh. He describes situations that they face every day. And his middle school assembly programs draw the students in so that they really understand how to make good choices so that they can reach their goals. Joel’s presentation is also useful for middle school leadership programs because his principles will make them leaders in their circles of influence.
There are not many top-quality middle school assembly speakers. But Joel is one of the best. Any teacher or principal looking to schedule effective assemblies for middle school students or middle school leadership programs needs to book Joel Penton today. His middle school assemblies are some of the premier motivation programs in the nation.