Middle School Leadership Programs

Many middle schools are implementing leadership programs that will enhance the development and future success of their students. The goal of these programs is to assist students as they deal with the changes of the middle school years and challenge them to commit to success, to doing the work necessary to achieve their goals for the long-term.

The Stand Your Ground program is ideal for accomplishing these very tasks. Joel Penton made his football commitment as a middle schooler, and the principles he offers in his presentation will empower them to find and remain committed to the path towards success throughout high school and beyond. These students will learn the steps they must take to succeed as well as what obstacles they will face along the way. But through Joel’s school program, these students will be equipped to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Joel’s presentation is also easy to translate into the students’ real lives. His attitude is relaxed and casual. There is no lecturing, and Joel brings humor regularly into his stories and lessons. School students will respond to Joel and to the message that he brings because it is conveyed in the students’ own language.

Middle school leadership programs are important and valuable activities. Let Joel Penton’s presentation help you create the most effective program for your students.