Joel Penton – Youth Motivational Speaker

Reputable Motivational Speaker for Youth – Joel Penton

As a teacher or administrator tasked with booking motivational speakers for the teenagers in your school, there are many possible options. You can bring in scientists, jugglers, storytellers and musicians. Really, the motivational speakers for youth who are available to share with your students are almost too numerous to count. They are also mostly the same.
Most motivational speakers for youth offer a very classic presentation.Time-honored and traditional. But to students, this kind of presentation is ineffective, dated, and yes, even boring. Many motivational youth speakers do not truly understand their audience. Students do not wish to be lectured. They do not want to be talked down to. They don’t want some grown-up’s lessons for “kids.” Instead, today’s youth motivational speakers need to find a new and fresh way to address your teens.
That is why you must consider Joel’s positive approach as a motivational speaker for youth and teenagers.Joel is distinct in a world of classic youth motivational speakers. He is different. His presentation will speak your students’ language. He will engage them, pull them in with his stories, and leave them empowered to live out the real-life success strategies that he himself has used to achieve success in life. Such student interaction is extremely rare in the world of motivational speakers for teenagers.
Joel is a motivational speaker for youth who understands youth. He gets what they are going through. He has lived what they are living. And unlike the usual suspects of youth motivational speakers, Joel will use his presentation to impact your students in ways that will enable them to succeed in any area of life and for the rest of their lives.