Joel Penton

Joel Penton – Motivational Speaker

Joel Penton is a former defensive lineman for the Ohio State University Buckeyes. His presentation is an obvious choice for anyone researching motivational speakers in Ohio. Joel’s story of how he developed his athletic abilities until he achieved his dream of playing collegiate football teaches students how to follow a similar path to achieve their dreams. High school and middle school audiences all over the Buckeye state have experienced and benefited from Joel’s Stand Your Ground presentation.
But what if you don’t live in Ohio? Can Joel still come to your school? Should Joel still come to your school? Absolutely.
Joel has spent the last six years traveling all over the country, speaking to over 500,000 students, and sharing his story about making commitments, overcoming obstacles, and achieving your goals. He is a regular motivational speaker in Michigan, and he is a favorite among motivational speakers in Indiana, motivational speakers in Iowa, New York motivational speakers, and motivational speakers in Wisconsin, as well.
Given the recognized rivalry between the OSU Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines, it might seem odd that Joel would be so well received among motivational speakers in Michigan. But the on-field rivalry in no way lessens the power of Joel’s message to high school students. Regardless of the conference or team that your students prefer, Joel Penton has a message that your students must hear.
So whether you are searching for motivational speakers in Iowa, motivational speakers in Michigan, motivational speakers in New York, Wisconsin motivational speakers, or of course, motivational speakers in Ohio, Joel Penton should be the top of the list of speakers you bring to your school.