Motivational Speakers In Indiana

Leading Motivational Speakers in Indiana - Joel Penton

Finding effective motivational speakers for middle and high school programs in Indiana can be a daunting task. But for schools seeking a premier motivational speaker, Joel Penton is an excellent choice as he has proven to be one of the best speakers. Joel has traveled all over the Midwest, speaking to middle and high school students about the benefits of keeping your commitments and how to achieve lasting success by simply doing what you say you’ll do. His program in Indiana will benefit your students in unique and important ways.

Joel’s approach is different from other motivational speakers because, first of all, his program in Indiana focuses on the positive. He does not give students a list of things they should avoid. Instead, he provides examples from his own life to illustrate good strategies for success in any area from sports to academics to an after-school job. Also, while other motivational speakers talk down to students, Joel addresses them as a peer; he is relevant and current. Joel manages to speak to teens in their own language, and they respond to his approach in a positive way.

For both middle schools and high schools in Indiana, Joel Penton is an excellent choice among motivational speakers in Indiana. From South Bend to Evansville, Joel is among the best motivational speakers you will find to speak to your students. Book him today!