Motivational Speakers In Iowa

Joel Penton - Motivational Speaker in Iowa

Motivational speakers offer a variety of presentations for middle and high school students. Most are quickly forgotten. But some can make a lasting difference in the students’ lives. If you want your students to experience a positive and valuable message that will actually empower them to succeed in the long-term, Joel Penton is one of the best motivational speakers you can find.

Joel’s overall message is about keeping your commitments. Joel will talk to your students about what it takes to succeed: how to deal with failure, how to deal with peer pressure, how to do the right thing when those around you choose a different path. His message applies to academics, athletics, and to life after graduation as well. Many motivational speakers focus on one specific message. But Joel’s presentation is based on his life, his experiences on and off the football field, and he can tailor his talk to a variety of topics. With candor and humor, he will share with your students how to follow in his footsteps towards great achievement.

There may be many available motivational speakers in Iowa, but Joel Penton is one that you cannot ignore. His presentation is fresh, funny, and effective. And your students will rave about the benefits of participating in the Stand Your Ground program.