Motivational Speakers In Ohio

Stand Your Ground is a powerful and effective program that other motivational speakers in Ohio cannot match. Joel Penton uses his own experiences as a real-life guide to help others reach their goals, and his motivational presentation easily outshines those of other motivational speakers.

Joel’s most effective technique is that his program is positive. Joel does not give students a list of things they should not do. Instead, he uses his own life to illustrate positive and proactive steps that any student can implement. He focuses on what students can do to reach their goals, and he is adamant that success is not a matter of luck or coincidence. It is a matter of simply doing what you say you will do.

Students also appreciate Joel’s relaxed and entertaining motivational style. Joel is honest and funny. He talks to students in their own language. While many motivational speakers tend to lecture, Joel simply shares his story, and his program remains relevant and current. Whether a student is in middle school or high school, whether a student is pursuing success in athletics or academics, Joel’s motivational story will empower him or her to do what is necessary to reach those dreams.

No matter what other motivational speakers you have considered, Joel Penton needs to be at the top of your list. Stand Your Ground is a real-life, powerful presentation. Book Joel today.