Motivational Speakers New York

There is, no doubt, a seemingly unending list of possible New York motivational speakers that you can book for your middle or high school motivational assemblies in New York. But there are only a handful of truly exceptional assembly motivational speakers. And Joel Penton is one of the best.

A former Ohio State Buckeye, Joel has created a program that is fresh and honest. Using his own experiences on and off the football field, from middle school to college, Joel will reveals for your students the real-world path to success. For Joel, success is simple: keep your commitments. And from this simple starting point, Joel crafts an engaging and positive program that will encourage your students to deal with failure, avoid negative influences, and handle peer pressure well.

Other New York motivational speakers will talk down to your students in a lecture approach. But Joel is different speaker. Joel speaks the language of today’s teens. He communicates with humor and honesty. He knows where the students are coming from, and he connects with them well. Students who have heard Joel speak regularly praise his casual and humor-filled presentation.

No matter what you’re looking for in a motivational speaker, New York students deserve the best. Book Joel Penton in New York today! He is the best speaker in the middle town.