School Assemblies in Illinois

School assemblies are a favorite part of the school year for many students. Providing a chance to escape math lectures or homeroom boredom, these school assemblies are also an effective way to provide students with important lessons that they will need to succeed in school and in life.

Joel Penton offers one of the most current school assemblies in the country. A former OSU Buckeye and winner of the Wuerffel Trophy, Joel did not always seem destined for football success. In fact, in middle school, his love for sports was matched only by his lack of athletic ability! But Joel did an amazing thing. He made a commitment to be the best football player he could be. And then he kept that commitment. He trained hard. He learned the game. He endured the loss of friends and experienced bullying along the way. He had to make hard choices. But in the end, he found the success he had longed for. All because he kept his commitments.

That is the reason that Joel Penton is such a sought-after speaker. Through an entertaining and effective presentation, Joel provide a positive and entertaining message for middle and high school students. For school faculty hoping to schedule event in Illinois or any part of the Midwest, Joel Penton will provide a premier presentation that students will talk about long after Joel is gone.