School Assemblies In Michigan

School Assemblies by Joel Penton in Michigan

Across the United States, thousands of principals and school faculty are searching for the best speakers to fill their yearly events. They need good speakers with a powerful message. For school assemblies in Michigan, there is no better choice than Joel Penton.

Joel Penton is a former OSU Buckeye who has built a unique platform for speaking to high school and middle school students. He shares his journey from being an unathletic middle schooler to being a member of a National Championship football team, and from those experiences, he challenges today’s high school students to pursue success as well. Through his ability to translate his own experiences into life lessons, Joel provides one of the most effective speeches in the country.

Of course, it might seem odd to bring an OSU Buckeye to provide school assemblies, but Joel will not disappoint. Despite the rivalry between the University of Michigan and Ohio State, Joel’s message will be more than valuable for your students. The principles he shares are applicable to all students everywhere, and his presentation is one of the best school assemblies in the country.