Joel Penton

Motivational School Assemblies By Joel Penton

Joel Penton provides a powerful school assembly program that uses a positive approach to inspire teenagers. Unlike other motivational school assemblies, Joel encourages students to achieve their dreams by following through with their commitments. By sharing the good decisions that enabled him to achieve great things, Joel becomes a role model for what students SHOULD do, instead of simply warning them what to AVOID, and this positive approach distinguishes his presentation from other similar school assembly programs.
Also, Joel’s motivational school assemblies are unique among school assembly programs. While other school assembly speakers are limited to some topics which they present, Joel’s focus is more broad. The foundation of his Stand Your Ground presentation is the importance of keeping commitments, and from that foundation, Joel can tailor his presentation to the unique needs of any educational setting. While most motivational speakers in education present limited topics, such as avoiding peer pressure or destructive habits (specifically drugs or alcohol), Joel’s presentation includes all of these topics (and others) while giving real-life principles for success.
Finding the appropriate school assembly speakers for teenagers can be a daunting task. But Joel is a highly effective school assembly speaker. He provides a powerful, positive and unique presentation that leads the pack among motivational speakers in education. Administrators and teachers searching for effective school assembly programs must consider Joel Penton for their student body.