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What Not to Do When Giving Motivational Speech in a School Assembly

August 27th, 2015

Facing a young audience has its challenges. If you want to be effective in speaking to young crowds, there are certain things that you should avoid doing, otherwise you will end up with a completely disengaged crowd of restless kids who want nothing more than return to their anti-social screens. Being a motivational speaker is an important responsibility since your speeches can help people achieve great success in life.

Young audiences are particularly hard to engage because of the many distractions that their generation present. Adding to the challenge of keeping them interested is the number of uneventful assemblies and deathly speeches they will have heard in their career as young students. Here are some things to avoid if you don’t want a sea of disengaged students staring blankly at you during a motivational assembly:

  • Boring speeches – The last thing you want when speaking to a bunch of teenagers or children gives them boring nonsense. If you want to make an impact on a young audience, know how to grab their attention from the start and keep this momentum until the end of your speech. Avoid long speeches that drag on for more than an hour and instead, keep your message short, concise, but still sensible.
  • Staring at a copy – Reading your speech is no way to engage a young crowd. Energetic kids feed on your vitality and dynamism. They like being entertained and stimulated and reading straight from your copy into the microphone is a sure recipe for letting your speech fall on deaf ears. Keep an outline of your speech and be spontaneous. Students appreciate spontaneity better than a rigid, read speech.
  • Talk nonsense – If you want to be taken seriously by no-nonsense teens, talk sensibly and avoid blabbering off-topic. A well structured speech will prevent you from going off-track and keeping your talk focused, which young people appreciate and look for in a motivational speaker they want to listen to.