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Using humor and wit, Joel engages your audience about the less humorous aspects of bullying and why taking an anti-bullying stance is so important. Through his own personal stories and through crowd participation, Joel helps audiences deeply recognize the often unintentional and harmful effects that bullying can have on others. He also helps us recognize why bullying occurs, that often bullying comes from a place of hardship and acts as a shield. Joel’s anti-bullying message takes a positive approach to overcome, rise above and to stand one’s ground.

As a college football leader, Joel knows the impact we can have on others. How when we work together, rather than against each other, success is sure to come. That in our teams, we all contribute something. This also applies to the whole of life. We can find a connection in our similarities and curiosity in our differences. That we’re all individuals, members of the human team, and that we all come from different places, are taught different things, yet that all things contribute and affect society in powerful ways. Joel brings the powerful message of connection, rather than separation. He instills the magic in wonder, rather than judgment. He entices us to find ways to relate to others, instead of bullying violence. Humor is his token to engage the audience, using real-life examples and active participation from the audience, Joel demonstrates how to overcome bullying and how to overcome our lower selves.

A Message from the Anti-Bullying Speakers Platform

A Message from the Anti-Bullying Speakers PlatformIt’s important to hear and to know from an objective source that the words and actions of bullies is a reflection of themselves and what’s going on in their life. Joel provides the tools to overcome bullying from both perspectives. To the bully, Joel touches on how being a bully to a peer can have really negative and hurtful effects. Especially bullying based on judgment, so he encourages empathy and understanding, so those who are the bully question whether they are acting with their best self in mind. He questions if they are acting from a place of truth and how the circumstances of their own life may be instigating these harmful ways. And why it’s important to rise above bullying others as a distraction from their own pain. Joel teaches his audience in a funny and captivating way that is cool to be mature and responsible, with an anti-bullying perspective. How it feels good to honor others as individuals and how empowering it is to understand and accept others.

Anti-Bullying Speakers Connect Through Active Engagement

Anti-Bullying Speakers Connect Through Active EngagementIf a victim of bullying is in the audience, they will connect with the sentiments about honoring the self and our commitments, and they are an empowering tool that will allow us to overcome the in-the-moment negative feelings of being bullied. Joel’s anti-bullying message reminds us to act from a higher place and how to deal with conflicts when they arise. Rather than react, he reminds us to slow down and make an intentional choice that reflects who we want to be. And that ultimately, we’re all on the same team and we can accomplish amazing things for ourselves and others when we know this. We don’t need to compete, we accomplish when we work together with our individual strengths and contribute to the whole, wide picture of life, sans bullying.


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