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We all have sat under one of those anti-bullying speakers that do their very best to scare you and your students into believing that if they bully, it will come back around to bite them. Does it work? Have we truly seen fruit from these assemblies? Are they relevant?

To catch the students in their tracks, we must be able to relate to them and encourage. Overcoming bullying at school won’t be erased with more bullying, no matter who the source is. Our youth can see past fake stories and can see the irony when bullying is being used to counteract bullying.

A Bullies Makeup

A Bullies MakeupWhen you search the characteristics of a bully...what will you find? A bully will often try to control the people around them, instead of inspiring them to follow. Bullies will often blame those around them when a problem arises. You will find a common lack of empathy when studying bullies behavior. They also tend to see violence as a good thing, or the only option. When choosing an anti-bullying speaker, it is vital to find one that uses none of the above “Bully” tactics to try to persuade students not to bully. It may seem simple, but many turn to these very same strategies to prove a point.


What Makes a Great Anti-Bullying Speaker?

What Makes a Great Anti-Bullying Speaker?There is no doubt that bullying has become a giant in today's schools. Finding Anti-Bullying Speakers that are both relevant, and engaging can be a chore. So many promise a change but deliver very little encouragement to the students. Finding a speaker with a positive and equally powerful message is what will leave a school culture changed for the better. Your speaker should deliver a message that makes students want to improve and make healthy choices. Not just for their good, but for the good of those who are around them. In a world where social media has taken the place of lasting friendships, and the one on one relationships we need, students crave warmth like never before. Truly, they want to be challenged to put a better foot forward. They want to know someone cares. Students want a speaker who will inspire them to follow.

When you are pulling together an assembly or even an intimate group of students, one thing is for sure. You want to find a passionate and positive speaker, with a message aiming to change hearts. It’s a high mark to hit, but it’s not impossible. Relevant Speakers has made it their goal to find the very best speakers that can be found for today’s youth. Among these Anti-Bullying Speakers, Joel Penton can be found laying out a positive foundation for students that will equip them with tools to make a change for their future. Joel Penton played football for OSU for 5 years also earning the Humanitarian Heisman. After graduating from OSU Joel Penton turned down an offer in the NFL to pursue his true passion, speaking. He has made it his passionate goal to equip youth with the very same tools that kept him pushing through. Good Anti-Bullying Speakers are hard to find, but when you find a great one, don’t let him pass by.


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