Anti-Bullying Speakers Can Transform the Learning Environment

Anti-Bullying Speakers Can Transform the Learning Environment

For students who are being bullied, getting up and going to school each morning is a thoroughly unpleasant experience. Anti-bullying speakers like Joel Penton are trying to change that. By working in concert with students and school administrators, Joel aims to stop bullying in its tracks and create a more positive learning environment for everybody.

How Anti-Bullying Speakers Like Joel Can Change Things for the Better

How Anti-Bullying Speakers Like Joel Can Change Things for the BetterFor Joel, the first step toward reducing incidents of bullying in a middle school or high school is building positivity within the student community. When teenagers feel like their futures are bleak or uncertain, they are likely to lash out at their classmates in frustration. This anger often manifests itself in the form of namecalling or even physical violence. On the other hand, when students feel more upbeat about their prospects for the future, they are likely to be kinder to those around them.

Of course, simply improving the students' outlook on life is not enough to eliminate or reduce bullying on its own. That is why most anti-bullying speakers also try to help their assembly attendees become more empathetic individuals. By nature, teenagers tend to be quite self-centered and inward-facing on an emotional level - which is one of the main reasons why bullying is such a prevalent problem in our schools. However, if they learn to take a couple of seconds to consider the feelings of those around them before they take action, they will be much less likely to do hurtful things.

For anti-bullying speakers like Joel, the final step in the fight to reduce animosity in the student community is to help them improve their decision-making skills. When teenagers act without thinking, they have a tendency to do things that may land themselves in trouble and cause pain to those around them. At Joel's assemblies, he tries to help the students understand how to make better decisions - ones that will lead them toward a bright future and bring happiness to their friends, family, and classmates.

Anti-Bullying Speakers - The End Result

Anti-Bullying Speakers - The End ResultOnce the anti-bullying assembly has been completed and Joel has left the school, principals and school administrators are likely to notice a change in the behaviors and mannerisms of their students. First and foremost, incidents of bullying are likely to significantly decrease - freeing teachers up to spend more time helping their students to learn and less time refereeing fights.

The other major change that is likely to occur in the aftermath of an anti-bullying assembly is a general improvement in student focus and academic results. As bullying decreases, students will once again begin to enjoy coming to school again. As a result, they are likely to become more committed to their studies than ever before.

One of America's Best Anti-Bullying Speakers

Having worked with almost 1,000,000 kids, Joel Penton has developed a reputation as one of the finest anti-bullying speakers in the United States. If you would like him to bring his skills to your next school assembly, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements.


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