Anti-Bullying Speakers Will Make a Difference for Your Students

All students are subject to bullying sometime during their years at school. But, anti-bullying speakers are trained to teach your students how they can make a difference with their peers. We will teach them the difference between bullying and teasing.


As you prepare your assembly programs for this next season, we want you to consider how we can assist you with those topics that are difficult to address with your students, and how having anti-bullying speakers for your next assembly will change the way your students and staff understand this topic.

Anti-Bullying Speakers Can Reach Your Students with this Important Message

jp stage aboutOur youth today have faced many challenges during their tenure in school, which we have not faced in previous generations. They also have the added issue with cyber-bullying, which takes this issue to a whole new level.

Joel Penton has the experience and life lessons to change the lives of your students. His message is clear and concise while providing a humorous style that will engage your students and staff, allowing them to remember his message.

As we combat these obstacles that face our youth today, let us assist you with this presentation. Anti-bullying speakers have the skills and knowledge to reach today’s youth with this most important message. Your students will be better equipped to face these challenges and overcome any obstacles that come to them.

Anti-Bullying Speakers are Available for Scheduling Today!

Joel Penton is available to assist your program in supporting the students in your school system, bringing them an understanding of the difference between bullying and teasing. His life experiences and special training will be an inspiration for your students and staff.

Make your next assembly an event to remember for your students. They need the message that Joel will bring and this message will make a real difference in the lives of your students. Please contact us today!


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