Do Motivational Youth Speakers Make a Difference in Building Your Personality

Motivational youth speakers have the ability to influence teens and adolescents in ways that many parents and teachers can’t. By being relatable and approachable, the best inspirational speakers are able to teach young people the essential life skills they need to build and improve their personalities. For instance, motivational youth speaker inspires teens to develop the skills listed below, all of which can improve their personalities:

  1. Be positive. Positivity is one of the most popular inspirational topics for the youth these days. No one like people who complain a lot, are always negative, and have nothing good to say about anyone or anything. A motivational speaker can inspire teens to cultivate an upbeat, positive personality—the kind that can light up a room with energy. This is accomplished by looking for the best in situations, in people, and in things.
  2. Be supportive. Many teens—because of their own insecurities—can be unsupportive of their peers, putting others down in order to feel better about themselves. A good motivational speaker can address this issue and teach kids how to show support and encouragement to other people.
  3. Have integrity. The youth are a stage in their lives when it is crucial to develop integrity. Motivational speakers can incorporate this topic into their speeches or programs, teaching teens to be honest and true to their word in order to gain the respect, admiration, and gratitude of other people.
  4. Develop your mind. Teens may not realize it yet, but the more they read and the more they cultivate new interests, the better their personalities become. Motivational speakers can make young people realize that developing their minds is key to making themselves interesting to others.
  5. Have the right friends. Teens are especially susceptible to peer pressure. Thos who want to build a great personality need to learn to surround themselves with good people. Motivational speakers can give talks to help teens and adolescents build healthy friendships.


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Stand your ground.  Don't back down.

What does it mean to stand your ground? People today are
constantly making commitments and breaking them.  Look at
divorce rates, credit card debts, New Years's resolutions... and
the list of unfulfilled promises goes on.  It it even possible to
keep our commitments?

Stand your ground,  Don't back down.

Joel Penton says, "Yes it is possible" - he knows from
experience.  Like most of your students, Joel was put into
situations in middle school and high school where it would
have been easy to compromise and break his commitments.
However, he chose to rise above the pressure and keep the
committments he made in school, in football, and in life.

Stand your ground.  Don't back down.

Joe will say that it takes character, it takes will, and the road
will be hard.  But his personal experience is proof that ordinary
people can accomplish great things by simply following through
with the commitments they have made.  Your students will be
inspired and reminded of the importance of not just making
committments, but also keep those commitments.

Don't back down.  Stand your ground.