Drug and Alcohol Prevention: What Parents and Teachers Can Do

Drug and Alcohol Prevention: What Parents and Teachers Can Do

Drug and alcohol prevention is something many middle and high school faculty focus on. Chances are you've heard of programs that help students and teachers learn about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. There are slideshows, assemblies, and even the occasional motivational speaker. During these events, students are usually told not to do this drug or drink underage.

They'll often hear people in authority use fear to try to prevent kids and teenagers from using in the first place. While this tactic may work for some, it isn't the best method. Instead of telling kids what not to do when it comes to drugs and alcohol prevention, telling them what they can do to avoid these substances and live a sober life can be much more rewarding.

Tips for Drug and Alcohol Prevention

Relate to Students

Drug and Alcohol Prevention: What Parents and Teachers Can DoOne of the best things you can do to help students stay sober is to get on their level. Use their humor, understand where they're coming from, and make sure that they're comfortable talking with you if they have any questions.

Tell Positive Stories

Kids don't want to hear the terrifying stories of what drug use can do. This has been used for years to try to prevent them from using alcohol and drugs, but it doesn't always work. Tell them about the amazing things that they'll be able to do without needing drugs. Focusing on the positive will help the youth to not only stay away from drugs but remind them of all the amazing things they're capable of.

Bottom Line

Drugs and alcohol prevention something that I am passionate about. I believe in order to really make an impact with the youth, they have to hear it from somebody with real-life experience.

If you're interested in hosting an assembly at your school with someone who's had personal experience with all of this, check out my website. I've spoken to nearly 500,000 students and it would be my honor to help more stay on the right path. Contact me today so I can give them my message. Joel Penton is proud to be a member of the Relevant Speakers Network!


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