Drug And Alcohol Prevention Programs - Why Your School Needs One

Drug and alcohol prevention programs are common throughout our schools within the United States. However, far too often they are centered around negative messaging, putting undo pressure and fear on young adults.

 While these programs work in the short-term, only positive messaging will make a lasting difference in students’ lives. Young people need to be taught what it is they should do, not what they shouldn’t do.

If you think that your school needs a positive drug prevention program, keep on reading for more information.

What Is Drug And Alcohol Prevention?

What is Drug and Alcohol Prevention?Drug prevention programs aim to prevent the use of drugs and alcohol in the first place. However, in our country, many young people will have already used drugs and alcohol before they ever participate in a prevention program.

This is why positive messaging is so important. Shaming students that have already made a mistake further isolates them from the important underlying message that their futures are too important to be limiting their opportunities by using drugs and alcohol.

Why Does My School Need Drug And Alcohol Prevention?

Your school needs a Drug prevention program because, like it or not, there are young adults who are already using. These students are often the ones that you would least expect. All too often, high-achievers succumb to the pressures of their life. A positive prevention program can encourage them to get back on track.

How Joe Penton Can Help Implement A Drug And Alcohol Prevention Program

Joe Penton has inspired over a million students around the country to live a life clean from drugs and alcohol. His message is inspiring and engaging, focusing on what young adults should do, instead of shaming them for what they shouldn’t have done. Contact Us Today to see how we can make an impact at your school! Joel Penton is proud to be a member of the Relevant Speakers Network!


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