Drug and Alcohol Prevention with Teamster Joel Penton

Joel Penton wants to inspire your audience about making the right choices. He offers his own real-life as an example to demonstrate how acting on the right choices leads to better outcomes, while reminding us of the consequence of less truthful choices. Through his own trial-and-error, Joel brings the wisdom of mistakes to provide a positive message about what he’s learned about the process of decision making, especially when it comes to drug and alcohol prevention.

It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about who you want to be as a person. Joel engages with and encourages your students’ highest selves and challenges them to think about who they want to be, what they want to represent about themselves to their peers, community, and to the world. He reminded us to seek higher ground.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention that is Relatable

Drug and Alcohol Prevention that is RelatableWithout judgment, Joel recognizes and confronts the choices we must make today and the peer pressure that entices us to act in misguided ways. Joel’s presentation is designed for positive outcomes, not to provide shame or guilt about the choices we’re faced with. He wants to help your students realize that they can take space to think about important choices, such as thinking about drugs and alcohol prevention in themselves and how to withstand the peer pressure to give in. He encourages your audience to use the wisdom of others, drawing on his own life experiences as a case study, and to use that information in their own lives, recognizing that we all come from different backgrounds, but often face the same challenges.

Joel inspires your audience to learn about themselves, make goals and act in a way that achieves those goals, to be committed to something beyond instant gratification. Especially for the purpose of drug and alcohol prevention, Joel has resurrected himself from his own challenges to help teach others. Here presents relevant information for your audience for optimum engagement about these serious issues, using humor and crowd participation. Remind your audience that they don’t have to give in to peer pressure. That they can make a choice for themselves about who and what they want to be and do. That you have friends and family in their lives that accept them for who they are and what they want to be. And that it’s okay to walk away from relationships or networks that don’t accept or support you in your endeavors. To stand our ground in our personal commitments.

Inspiring Drug and Alcohol Prevention for Connection

Inspiring Drug and Alcohol Prevention for ConnectionJoel is a former Ohio Buckeyes football player and humanitarian achiever who speaks openly and definitively about the importance of drug and alcohol prevention. Joel seems more like a friend than a harsh authority, which allows space for open learning and connected dialogue. Remind your audience of the great things they can achieve when they stick with their goals and commitments, despite outside pressures, and how we can benefit others, our communities, and the world when we do so. He is positively inspiring. Joel encourages us to bring our best selves forward in all aspects of life. That being our best selves is powerful, cool and incredibly rewarding. That in life, these are the best rewards we can have. Transform your audiences’ mindset to be pro-active and learn from experiences that teach the importance of drug and alcohol prevention for good.


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