How to Find a Great Motivational Youth Speaker

Motivational Youth Speaker - Find a Great One

Whether you run a school, a summer camp, or you're holding an event, finding a great motivational youth speaker can be hard. First, you have to make sure you find someone who has the experience and is trustworthy. If you pick some random person off the street, you'll have no idea what you're getting yourself into. Check out my tips to help you find a great motivational youth speaker.

Motivational Youth Speaker - What do they bring to the table?

How to Find a Great Motivational Youth SpeakerOne of the first things you need to ask yourself is what are they bringing to the table. Is this a speaker who has experience in the area you're wanting them to speak on? How with this person bring a better message to kids than someone else? Before booking someone you can ask what makes them stand out as a motivational youth speaker. This will also give you an idea of how they think on their feet!

Motivational Youth Speaker - Do they have a God-complex?

Believe it or not, a motivational youth speaker sometimes will get a God-complex. Just like any other field where you get attention, some people get wrapped up in the praise, exposure, and applause. Look for someone who's willing to really connect with the kids. Hiring a motivational youth speaker who exits the stage and quickly leaves the building is a waste of your time. That being said, you should allow for extra time for interaction with the audience when booking a speaker.

Are they authentic and reliable?

Lastly, be sure to find someone who is authentic and reliable. Check out their story and make sure it's true. Even though made-up stories can still help people and inspire them, authenticity is always better. Most of the time, people will be able to tell if you're making it up. Simply find a motivational youth speaker who is using their experience to help others.

If you're interested in a motivational youth speaker that has plenty of speaking experience, loves interacting with people, gets the audience involved, and truly has a heart for helping the youth in this nation, please consider booking Joel Penton for your event, or at the very least, check out his website for more tips about motivational youth speakers. Joel Penton is proud to be a member of the Relevant Speakers Network!


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