How a Motivational Speaker Can Inspire College Students

A motivational speech at a college graduation must inspire the audience and motivate them to take action. For best results, you need to invite a motivational speaker who can truly connect to the audience. This person can be someone from the student body itself, a public figure, a favorite faculty member, or a certified motivational speaker.

A motivational or inspirational speaker is someone who can make a moving speech that is intended to inspire college students about their future. This person has something important to share with college students in terms of success, finding their own path, and facing the challenges of life and their careers. The best speakers have previously helped motivate and inspire other audiences to improve or change their lives.

Students don’t like listening to long and boring speeches with someone standing in front of them, saying generic inspirational words. This causes them tune out. They are unable to grasp the message of the speech. With a motivational speaker, the message can be delivered more effectively through creative, funny, and brilliant ways designed to captivate a teenager’s attention and interest.

Motivational speakers know how college students think and react-and they adjust to this behavior accordingly. They have extensive experience in dealing with all kinds of people from all walks of life, so they know how to change their speaking style to ensure relevance. They have spoken in front of different kinds of audiences before, so they know how to speak in ways that can be easily understood by the people listening to them. The best motivational speakers know how to adjust to the level of their audience naturally without sounding like they’re trying too hard. They still maintain a sense of their identity to avoid sounding pretentious. Professional motivational speakers are hired for their expertise and their good track record of delivering inspirational speeches.


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Stand your ground.  Don't back down.

What does it mean to stand your ground? People today are
constantly making commitments and breaking them.  Look at
divorce rates, credit card debts, New Years's resolutions... and
the list of unfulfilled promises goes on.  It it even possible to
keep our commitments?

Stand your ground,  Don't back down.

Joel Penton says, "Yes it is possible" - he knows from
experience.  Like most of your students, Joel was put into
situations in middle school and high school where it would
have been easy to compromise and break his commitments.
However, he chose to rise above the pressure and keep the
committments he made in school, in football, and in life.

Stand your ground.  Don't back down.

Joe will say that it takes character, it takes will, and the road
will be hard.  But his personal experience is proof that ordinary
people can accomplish great things by simply following through
with the commitments they have made.  Your students will be
inspired and reminded of the importance of not just making
committments, but also keep those commitments.

Don't back down.  Stand your ground.