How a Youth Motivational Speaker can Benefit Your Students

Today’s youth must “connect” with those that stand in authority over them. This is a difficult task, as many do not have an adequate attention span. Most can only concentrate for short periods of time. We are here to assist you, and bring about the results that are needed for your school environment with a Motivational Speaker.

 Your Students are Important and They Need to be Motivated for the Right Reasons

Your Students are Important and They Need to be Motivated for the Right ReasonsJoel Penton is one of those youth motivational speakers that knows and understands this new generation of youth. His message is critical for your students! As your students are nearing adulthood, they need to have someone challenge them to do more with the goals they have set for themselves. Joel can bring the challenging message your students need to hear.

Your students need to know what the “right” choices are, and how to implement them into their goals. A youth motivational speaker will be able to share life experiences that will engage your students, giving them guidance to make these “right” choices for their lives.

Your students deserve the best, and we understand the challenges you face in trying to prepare a proper atmosphere and environment for each of your students. There are so many outside influences in their lives, and the internet plays an important role in this pressure to perform. A youth motivational speaker will be able to bring a new perspective that is needed to reach your students.

A Youth Motivational Speaker – You Can Schedule Today!

Joel Penton comes highly recommended. His platform as a champion, will speak to your students and bring the positive message your students need to hear to make right choices. Joel will impact your students, combining humor and sincerity. His real-life experiences have brought him rewards as a direct result of making the right choices for his own life.

Schedule Joel now! His stories of personal trials and triumphs will bear proof that ordinary people “can” accomplish great things. Are you ready for your next event - “Contact us” today! Joel Penton is proud to be a member of the Relevant Speakers Network!


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