How To Motivate Youth

It can be hard to find motivation as an adult, much less as a teenager! With the rise of social media, phones, and television, sometimes it seems like the youth of today want to watch the world go by instead of simply being in it. However, when the energy of youth is properly harnessed, then it can really change the world, as many youth motivational speakers can tell you.


But how do you motivate youth who seemingly can’t sit still and focus on a task? Well, here are a few easy and fun ways!

Make It Important

Make It ImportantThere’s an old quote that says ‘you can’t negotiate genuine desire.’ This means that if the young person wants to change the world, then they need to do it themselves. All the speeches and habits or positive thinking won’t get them up. They need to find that desire, and you need to help them find it.

So start by trying to understand your youth and make their lives important to them. If they love playing videogames, then tell them to treat life like a videogame. If they love music, connect their goals to a favorite song lyric.

Be There For Them

Be one of their youth motivational speakers, and make sure to always have something ready for them. It could be kind words, tough love, or just silent encouragement to let them know you have their backs.

As long as you are there for them, your youth will always come to you whenever they need a little guidance or an extra boost in confidence.

If you need the services of professional motivational youth speakers, then allow Joel Penton to help you. He’s worked with several high school and middle school classes and is an expert at unlocking actionable tips to help your youth. Contact Us Today! 


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