10 Unique Opportunities that Make School Assemblies So Important

Find out how and why school assemblies can truly motivate and inspire students.

School assembly programs are an invaluable resource for students, breaking up their day-to-day routine and providing an exciting new environment for them to learn, reflect, and grow as individuals

These programs exist because of their potential to offer students important life skills that they won’t always find in the classroom.

A successful school assembly has the power to transform lives: it captures its young audience and fills their hearts and minds with powerful, hopeful energy, along with ways to direct that energy into positive change.

The right message is generally concerned with big picture stuff, but also deals with the complicated immediate details of growing up.

More than this, however, assembly programs are an institution and are fundamental to the success of any school. They give kids a bigger sense of what their school stands for and show them how every day is an opportunity, both in and outside of the classroom.

What follows are the 10 most important reasons why every school needs to have a successful school assembly program.

1. The Unifying Strength of a Powerful Assembly

It is not always common, especially in larger schools, for kids to have the chance to gather together as a whole with the rest of their classmates. School assemblies, when done the right way, can create a strong sense of unity among students and teachers alike, and help kids to recognize the amazing opportunities their school provides them each day.


unifying strength


What’s more, an assembly can help to demonstrate what their school stands for, and to nurture the important values they will take out with them into the world.

Suddenly, students begin to see themselves as part of a larger school community. In doing so learn to consider the ways their own actions affect the health and prosperity of the school as a whole.

2. Instilling the Importance of School Spirit

What’s so important about school spirit? Well, it’s the kind of thing that makes kids wake up and really want to come to school, excited to see their teachers and classmates and to learn. Too often, schools rely on morning intercom announcements, voluntary attendance at sports games, and participation in extracurricular activities to motivate students.

As valuable as these programs can be, they aren’t always enough. And let’s face it: a big number of kids aren’t interested in these things to begin with and are left out of the experiences they create.


together we create


Successful school assemblies are a forum for exactly these kinds of experiences. The only difference is that they necessarily involve the entire school together in the same room, getting involved in presentations designed to foster a unique bond in the audience.

While the content and theme of a successful assembly can vary, an outstanding one will always produce this feeling of wholeness and school community.

Think of the last time you saw a truly breathtaking movie, play, or musical performance, one during which the whole audience laughs, cries, or applauds together. Remember that overwhelming sensation when everyone in the room is sharing in the same positive energy, produced by a powerful performance?

Assemblies, too, can have that effect, except for one thing: these aren’t strangers in a crowd but young people who will be together day after day for years to learn and improve themselves. The stronger the assembly—and its speaker—the stronger this feeling and the ties that it will help to develop between students and their school.

3. Clarifying the Exciting Possibilities School has to Offer

Any thoughtful teacher or administrator will know what I mean when I talk about those students who don’t have any interest in field hockey, basketball, academic competitions, or the yearbook club.

There are a lot of reasons why kids might want to stay home from after-school activities, but the only real solution is to show them everything your school has to offer and to get them excited.


teens basketball


Assemblies are by far the best way to get the message out: the atmosphere created by a great motivational speaker inspires kids to discover new interests or to pursue old ones a little bit more seriously.

A successful school assembly is a perfect time and place for principals, guidance counselors, coaches, and teachers to get out there and remind students that there’s more to school—and life, for that matter—than the classroom, and to show them how to become more involved.

4. Promoting Universal Values for Obstacles in Life

An outstanding assembly is the best way to promote the universal values of the school, while also offering the opportunity to focus in on important life lessons or the trials of adolescence.

 our values 

Maybe you’re determined to promote leadership, diversity, generosity, or responsibility and accountability. Or maybe you’re leading an anti-bullying campaign. An assembly with a powerful speaker who focuses on positive change and solutions to these problems will have a lasting impact on students.

A truly successful assembly feels to students like a fresh start: it reminds them that it’s never too late (or too early) to make positive changes in their lives, pursue their goals through to the end, and do the right thing.

5. A New and Unique Kind of Discipline

Hand-in-hand with the universal values that school assembly programs promote is the training in discipline and social behavior that they provide.

Learning to gather together in large groups, sit quietly, patiently, and respectfully, listen, reflect, and participate when invited to is an invaluable skill for young people to develop. The classroom certainly goes a long way in training kids in discipline, but as any principle knows, a school assembly is a proving ground for this kind of skill.



all hands


It takes kids out of their comfort zones and away from the small cliques they develop in class and teaches them to be part of a large group.

Only when students truly want to be part of the school community will they learn for themselves how fundamental this kind of patience and discipline is to become a productive member of a group.

A successful and motivating speaker will demonstrate to students the value of this skill, and show them, in an exciting and moving demonstration, that exercising self-discipline really pays off!

6. The Chance to Make New Friends in a Positive Space

Assemblies throw kids into the larger mix of their school and help them to socialize with new people, another advantage of taking them out of their classroom comfort zone.

I’m not talking here about the kind of socializing that fills up the auditorium with noise and is the endless frustration of teachers and principals. This is something much more meaningful and valuable, that takes place in an atmosphere of discipline and respect.

teen assembly close up

It goes back to my example of the movie theater or concert venue: the positive, motivating energy of a successful assembly gives kids the sense that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

The great thing about this atmosphere is that it helps students open up to each other and break down the cliques and social barriers that breed exclusion and set back the productive work of the school.

When students are not only inspired themselves but can clearly see that those around them are equally inspired, a brand new, more inclusive environment develops for them at school.

7. Unlocking a Student’s Confidence with the Opportunity of the Spotlight

Assemblies vary, and some are of course better and more rewarding than others, but one crucial aspect of every successful assembly is that it engages the students in a meaningful way.

This can be done using a number of fundamental methods. Example exercises, allowing the students to ask questions, asking the students themselves questions, or inviting students to share their own stories are all effective ways to get kids involved in the experience. A trained motivational speaker is an expert in these techniques.


teen boy focus


These methods of engaging students are especially powerful in their ability to inspire newfound confidence in kids.

The positive atmosphere of a successful assembly provides the supportive structure that kids need to speak up and share their experiences and ideas. A tremendous motivational speaker is one who is eager to get everyone involved, not just the students who are already used to speaking in class.

Regardless of the specific content of the speaker’s message, the goal is always to inspire self-transformation. The opportunity for kids to take a leap, stand up and speak, and feel appreciated and validated by the speaker and those around them is worth more than words can say.

On top of this, the skills kids develop in these kinds of settings will be put to good use later on when they start applying to college and going on job interviews.

Tackling their fear of public speaking in front of the entire school is the best way to prepare for those intense college admissions office interviews to come and for tough questions from potential bosses in the future.

Too many kids don’t realize that their ideas, stories, and opinions are truly worth something and that people want to hear them. A great motivational speaker makes students feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone in this way and praises them with positive reinforcement for taking the chance.

8. The Inspiring and Instructive Effect of Stories of Success

All of this, of course, must be moderated by an unparalleled motivational speaker, who recognizes and appreciates the comments and stories of students in the context of his or her own presentation.

words have power

A powerful school assembly revolves around the message of the speaker, who through stories of his or her own trials, hard work, and achievements demonstrates the possibility of positive change and the importance of the universal values he or she describes. A professional motivational speaker has the life experience and the technical training to tell these stories and to use them to foster a feeling of unity among students.

9. Positive Energy and a Challenge to Make Immediate Change

A professional motivational speaker, however, will do more than just inspire. The entire purpose of a successful school assembly is to give kids practical ways to make the right choices, to show them how to make positive changes in their lives and all of the ways that their school functions as a resource for accomplishing their goals.

happy jumping students

Often speakers will focus on what not to do: don’t bully, don’t do drugs, don’t skip class.

Of course, these are all valuable pieces of advice and should be part of the overall message of any great speaker. However, the essential purpose of a successful school assembly is to show kids what they should be doing and challenge them to make a change, not simply to warn them about what they should be avoiding.

A powerful motivational speaker gives practical advice to students and uses his or her own life experience as an example of how hard work and positive decision making pays off.

A successful assembly won’t leave kids with an abstract sense of inspiration but show them how to hit the ground running as soon as they leave the auditorium.

Whether it's studying harder, being open to advice, joining a sports team or an after-school club, pursuing their passions, or being smart about who they hang out with, the stories of trials and achievement and the overall message of a professional motivational speaker should set an example that kids can easily grasp and apply to their own lives.

10. An Unusual Chance to Break Through to Students

While teaching methods vary, every teacher knows that in order to maintain the respect and discipline required to get kids through the year they have to keep a certain professional distance from their students.


joel penton student


School assemblies offer a unique forum for students to identify with an adult who, in opening up about his or her life experiences, triumphs, and struggles, reaches down to their level and sympathizes with the problems and confusing moral dilemmas they face every day.

It’s from this place of mutual sympathy that the speaker builds the trust and confidence required to inspire students and instill in them the universal values and sense of unity that make school a positive and productive place to grow and learn.


A lot goes into this kind of work, and it’s always a good idea to hire a trained professional who has experience and knows the right techniques.

From the moment students enter the room, a professional motivational speaker is working to establish the right atmosphere, one that mixes discipline with openness and positivity.

From body language to tone of voice, to vocabulary, a great motivational speaker knows how to approach the audience with a self-reflexive character that interests students right off the bat and keeps their attention through the whole presentation.

The truth is, a successful school assembly takes a lot of effort. The last thing you want to do is waste such a golden opportunity with announcements and presentations that kids will forget the next day.

A trained motivational speaker is someone whose job it is to make an assembly powerful, meaningful, and productive not only for the students themselves but for the school as a whole. An inspired, empowered student body is one that participates, works hard, and demonstrates all the awesome characteristics of school spirit.

A successful school assembly can be exactly what a school needs to get kids to go that extra mile, make positive life decisions, and turn a good school into a remarkable one. Most of us can remember at least one powerful school assembly that moved us when we were just kids.

Step back in time a little while: what was it about the speaker and the message that made it so meaningful, and what did it move you to change?


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