Join School Assembly Programs to Stay Away from Negative Thoughts

If you are wondering what good motivational assembly programs can actually do to impact lives, try sitting in one and see for yourself. Motivational speakers have the ability and gift to trade positive impact on the lives of their listeners. Some may think this profession to be redundant or to have no real value, but the truth is it is one of the few professions that can truly spark the fire of change and impact a person’s life strong enough to change the world.

Some of the most memorable moments in history come down to powerful speeches given by prominent people, like Martin Luther King’s "I have a dream." Even sports coaches use motivational speeches to give their team a morale boost, which ultimately cause them to win the game or make a miraculous comeback. Speeches are the main juice of school assemblies. Speakers deliver words that are powerful enough to challenge people, bring them to tears, move mountains, make them laugh, and take action. School assembly programs promote positivity and encourage listeners to stray away from negative and damaging thoughts that are only causing them to stagnate in their life journey.

Young as students may seem, they can use some motivational speeches from experienced and very inspiring people who can encourage them to make the right decisions in life. You will hear countless stories about people who were able to turn their life around after hearing a motivational talk. Some argue that the effects of motivational speeches are only short lived, but many believe that it can cause a person to do things they otherwise couldn’t or wouldn’t do before and get them out of their comfort zone to reach for their goals. Motivational talks in assemblies can provide real inspiration to take action and change for the better—the effects of which can last a lifetime.


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Stand your ground.  Don't back down.

What does it mean to stand your ground? People today are
constantly making commitments and breaking them.  Look at
divorce rates, credit card debts, New Years's resolutions... and
the list of unfulfilled promises goes on.  It it even possible to
keep our commitments?

Stand your ground,  Don't back down.

Joel Penton says, "Yes it is possible" - he knows from
experience.  Like most of your students, Joel was put into
situations in middle school and high school where it would
have been easy to compromise and break his commitments.
However, he chose to rise above the pressure and keep the
committments he made in school, in football, and in life.

Stand your ground.  Don't back down.

Joe will say that it takes character, it takes will, and the road
will be hard.  But his personal experience is proof that ordinary
people can accomplish great things by simply following through
with the commitments they have made.  Your students will be
inspired and reminded of the importance of not just making
committments, but also keep those commitments.

Don't back down.  Stand your ground.