What makes a good Motivational Youth Speaker

Many different stories make up people, and sometimes those stories lead them to be a motivational youth speaker. From troubled families, to just “going with the flow” in school, to drugs and alcohol, there are many things that can produce negative reinforcement. But then, there are people who talk about what made them become a success, and the positive things that can make you become who you were meant to be.

Motivational speakers like Tony Robbins tell people that with hard work and changing little routines throughout your life, you can do what you set forth to do. Typically, motivational speakers for adults fall into the habit of making the point, “You’re not doing what you want to do, and here is how to fix it.” Don’t like the position you’re in? You can change it!

It helps to have someone that can talk to people that are a little earlier on in their lives. For a youth motivational speaker, the habit of speaking set forth by schools and coaches is what not to do.

Don’t smoke. Don’t do drugs. Don’t drink alcohol. Don’t sneak out at night. Do your homework; don’t procrastinate. Don’t mess up as I did.

Joel Penton is a great motivational youth speaker that connects with studentsBut for Joel Penton, as a motivational youth speaker, he believes in working with students and what they should do. Joel Penton serves as a positive role model with a positive message, as he focuses on telling young adults that good choices inevitably lead to success.

Having played at the Ohio State University, home of the Buckeyes, for five years. He explains how the choices he made early in life have led to three Big Ten Championships in college football, a seat in the National Championship team, and the Wuerffel trophy, known as the “Humanitarian Heisman.” The trophy is awarded to one football player who serves as a leader in the community, including service along with academic and athletic achievement.

Of 408 school administrators and teachers that have returned feedback for Joel Penton, 93.4 percent have indicated that Penton’s presentation was better than they’ve seen from others. Of that percentage, 57.1 percent said the message was much better than past assemblies.

Joel Penton has shared his story with nearly 1 million schools nationwide. Past school administrators have said he’s a natural speaker with a great sense of humor. David Ryder, from Tuslaw, MS, said “Too often, speakers use their life experiences to show what not to do. Joel’s story demonstrated that good decisions translate into success.”

Joel Penton at the FCCLAHe spoke at the Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) National Conference, where students applauded his message.

A student at the conference, Kelsey Sturgeon, said: “if he keeps doing what he’s doing, he’s really going to make a huge impact.”

A well-accepted and proven motivational youth speaker is great for up and coming young adults because it helps them to have some advice on how to navigate that difficult time in their lives.

Joel Penton can help make an impact on students’ lives, now, contact us today to book a special speaking engagement with Joel for your school.


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