Motivational Speakers For Youth – What Do They Teach?

Motivational speakers for teens, high school and middle school students, and the youth in general cover a lot of topics, all of them aiming to teach young people the real-life principles they will need for success.

The best motivational speakers for the youth can tailor their presentations to the unique requirements of groups and educational settings. Below are just some of the many topics you can ask an inspirational speaker to cover or incorporate into a youth motivational program:

1. Dealing with peer pressure
2. Avoiding destructive habits (specifically alcohol and drugs)
3. Getting ready for college
4. Developing self-confidence
5. Overcoming adversity
6. Dealing with bullying
7. Fitting in
8. Building a positive self-image
9. Facing failure
10. Eating disorders
11. Sexual health
12. Developing confidence and belief in oneself
13. Breaking bad habits
14. Staying optimistic
15. Efficient study methods
16. Leadership
17. Handling responsibility
18. Staying healthy
19. Handling money (especially for teens preparing for college)
20. Developing the discipline and why it is important
21. Finding a purpose
22. Managing time
23. Getting rid of negativity
24. How to treat others

The list of inspirational topics for the youth is endless; the ‘best’ topic really depends on the needs of the group.

In order for an assembly to be successful, you need a speaker who can tailor his program to the topics you wish to cover. More importantly, you want a motivational speaker who specializes in relating to, communicating with, and holding the attention of teens and adolescents. A good motivational speaker for young adults is someone who is approachable and relatable—someone that the teens can look at as a friend or a model figure that they can aspire to be, instead of a boring lecturer. Even the most inspiring messages will fail to stick if delivered by an inexperienced speaker.


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What does it mean to stand your ground? People today are
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Stand your ground,  Don't back down.

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