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If there’s one thing a motivational youth speaker knows how to do, it’s inspiring confidence in the hearts of others. I mean come on; they don’t call us “motivational” for nothing. You want your students to be successful, and confidence is the key to success. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between academic success and confidence, meaning that when kids’ confidence starts to suffer, so do their grades. This should make building up confidence in students a huge priority for your school.

 Taking on Confidence with a Speaker

Taking on Confidence with a Motivational Youth SpeakerNow, before you get worried – this isn’t a task you have to take on alone. A motivational youth speaker is a great resource when it comes to creating confidence in your school. Joel Penton is a prime example – he brings a positive message that shows how ordinary people can accomplish great things. Confidence in his abilities is one of the key components to Penton’s success.

The school years are vital to creating confidence in students because there are often people trying to tear them down – aka bullies. We need to work to combat the damage done to students’ self-confidence every day, and a motivational speaker can show you how.

Hire a Motivational Youth Speaker for Your School

Now that you know how much a motivational youth speaker can help confidence in your school, it’s time to experience it for yourself. Joel Penton has been called a leading motivational youth speaker of the nation, and for good reason. He brings a life-changing message that is sure to have a huge impact on your students and your entire school. Don’t wait to start creating confidence in your school; get ahead of the problem. To check out what Joel Penton has to offer your school, contact us today! You won’t regret it. Joel is proud to be a member of the Relevant Speakers Network!


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