Motivational Youth Speaker Inspires Triumph

Joel is a champion motivational youth speaker with a positive message he wants to share with your students. His messages present a shift in thinking about how to approach challenges and choices. Positivity is his theme. Joel brings sincere discussion about relevant topics: peer pressure, bullying, drugs and alcohol prevention, making and keep commitments.

He gives students the tool of proactive power and talks about what to do, rather than what not to do. This kind of thinking empowers us to make meaningful and intentional decisions based on a deep knowing of who we want to be.

Joel exemplifies the power of personal triumph when we honor our commitments. Joel reminds us that we must know ourselves, accept ourselves and use the barometer of our commitments to gauge if with on par with the direction we’re aiming for. If we’re not, we best learn to recognize when we have blown off the path, when we’ve entered the wilderness of oblivious ambiguity. As a motivational youth speaker, Joel emphasizes using one’s commitments as a tool to keep on track, even when facing hardships, while epitomizing the reward in doing so.

A Motivational Youth Speaker Encouraging a Positive Approach

A Motivational Youth Speaker Encouraging a Positive ApproachNational college football champ and honorary Humanitarian awardee, Joel Penton brings powerful inspiration to your audience as a one-of-a-kind motivational youth speaker. He touches on important topics to engage your audience in their own potential. When we can recognize the potential in another, we can recognize it ourselves. When we know how to do this, we contribute our best selves to our team, our community, and our family. Joel demonstrates the power that this can create when we stand our ground together.

Let your students be moved and impacted by real-life examples that inspire our best intentions when we encounter challenges and choices. Joel is a motivational youth speaker who teaches a positive approach. Youth today are immersed in drama-filled negativity from the world, with constant interaction on our devices and the stresses of daily life. Help your students get grounded with real-life scenarios that touch on the importance of living and making decisions in the here and now. To recognize that this is where the most important things happen in our lives, the most meaningful and ultimately rememberable.

Staying Grounded with a Motivational Youth Speaker Joel Penton

Staying Grounded with a Motivational Youth Speaker Joel PentonWe can get lost in our day-to-day lives, especially as young people. Sometimes, all we need to keep us on the path we want to be on is to hear the right message. Joel Penton is a Motivational Youth Speaker that comes from a place of objectivity rather than judgment. Let him enstill the powerful messages of goals, commitments, intentional choices and meaningful action. He draws the picture with humor and wit that engages your audience and encourages purposeful, open dialogue about serious things. Joel brings about the feelings of triumph, how good it feels to stick with it, and the potential impact you could have when you do so. Unravel the chains of doubt and inspire your students potential for meaningful impact.


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