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During his career as a college football player with the Ohio State Buckeyes, Joel Penton encountered many monumental challenges - yet he managed to finish his playing days with three Big Ten Championships, a National Championship, and the Wuerffel Trophy. He is using his career as a motivational youth speaker to teach the leaders of tomorrow exactly how he did it.

Overcoming Adversity With The Motivational Youth Speaker

Overcoming Adversity With The Motivational Youth SpeakerAs a motivational youth speaker, Joel believes that success isn't achieved by avoiding challenges or by trying to find the easiest path forward. He understands that the best way to hit targets and reach goals is by standing up tall in the face of adversity and overcoming any obstacles that stand in your way.

For kids and teenagers, these obstacles often take the form of distractions, bad influences, bad grades, drug and alcohol issues, or misaligned priorities. If they want to reach their dream of making the football team, going to college, or getting that internship, they will need to learn how to power through those challenges.

In his role as a motivational youth speaker, Joel provides the kids with the tools they need to do just that. He uses his own life experiences and lessons to speak to them in a manner that they understand and appreciate. He does not tell them what they must do. Instead, he focuses on making a connection with them and teaching them the techniques they will need to succeed in life.

The Importance Of Early Intervention With The Motivational Youth Speaker

The Importance Of Early Intervention With The Motivational Youth SpeakerFor many people, it can be tempting to simply avoid dealing with problems or obstacles. After all, that is usually the easiest path through life, right? Well, not necessarily. Ignored issues tend to have a habit of coming back to bite you later in life - and the problem is often much larger than it was when you first had the opportunity to deal with it. Before you know it, your small issue has blossomed into a monster that you don't quite know how to contain.

Consider drugs and alcohol, for instance. The easiest way to avoid the negative effects of these vices is to avoid them entirely. Of course, this is not always easy. If you do end up giving into temptation, you should know that it is much easier to quit if you have only been smoking or drinking for a couple of months than it is if you have been doing so for a couple of decades. The addiction and its associated problems are only likely to grow with time.

The importance of early intervention is just one of the things that drove Joel to become a motivational youth speaker. He believes that if he can get through to kids at an early age, he can help them to overcome adversity and achieve just about anything they set their minds to. To set up a time for him to come and speak with your students, simply drop us a line today and see what Joel can do for your school!


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