Tips for Searching for Good Motivational Speakers Online

Booking a motivational speaker is no easy task. You have to find someone who is just the right fit for your audience. You don’t need to spend too much on a motivational speaker to make your event a success. Here are some tips you can follow to help you find the best speaker for your assembly or conference:

  •  Establish the purpose of your event. Starting with the end in mind is important when planning a motivational assembly. Know exactly the kind of information that the attendees are looking for so you can have a better idea of who the right person to hire.
  • Create a preferred list of speakers you can use for your event. By researching online, you will find a good range of people who can help you make your event a success.
  • Do check the background of your shortlisted speakers. By looking at their credentials, you can easily pinpoint the best people who can satisfy the needs of your audience. Know their topics and areas of specialization and choose a speaker who has a good breadth of knowledge in the subject you wish to expound on.
  • Check for testimonials. The best way to gauge the quality of work speakers can provide is by asking for testimonials from previous clients. Reference lists are easy to find through the web. Look what others are saying about the speaker’s approach, style, and delivery.
  • See the speaker in action. It would be best if you can do so in person, but there are always video documentaries that you can check out to see how they compose themselves in front of an audience. Demo videos are helpful tools that can help you gauge just how good the speaker is.
  • Arrange an initial meeting. Prior to booking, take time to meet with the speaker to make sure that he can satisfy the needs of your program.


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