Tips on Preparing Motivational Speeches for High School Students

When preparing a motivational speech for high school students, the challenge is to engage them, keep them from getting bored, and of course, to motivate them in the end. Here are tips on preparing a motivational speech for high school students:

 1. Start it right. You should be able to catch the attention of your students from the beginning of your speech. Try these:

  • • Open with a personal story. Make sure it’s your own, so you can share your own observations.
  • • The heroes in your story must be relevant to the main message of your speech.
  • • Make the story rich in dialogue, highly sensory, and very emotional. That way, you can stir the imagination of the students and make them relive the story with you.
  • • Consider starting your story in the middle to make the students wonder what, who, why, how, or where things started.

Another way to open your speech is to ask a powerful question. “How” and “why” are the best to use because they entice the natural curiosity to find out, learn, and understand. If the “why” is already understood or implied, you can ask “how”. You can also say something shocking to trigger a range of emotions.

2. Write it down. Unless you have excellent public speaking skills, it is recommended that you write down your speech and make your own outline. Writing lets you edit your speech more effectively, ensuring that you’re using easy to understand words and phrases and that the speech transitions well.

3. Don’t say “I”-; say “we”. You need to be able to relate to the high school students. To do this, talk as if you’re part of their group. Avoid using “I” too much.

Keep in mind that high school students are young adults, but they want to be treated like they’re mature. When making a motivational speech for high school students, you need to adjust your manner of speaking to their level without sounding like you are talking to children. A sense of humor is always necessary.


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