What Makes A Good Motivational Speaker?

Whether it is a youth motivational speaker or an adult motivational guru, there’s often something that makes them so inspiring and gives them the ability to pass that inspiration on to others who need it. But not all motivational speakers are created equally, and there’s something that makes some people better than others.

It takes work to be a good motivational speaker, and there are some qualities that separate the good from the bad. Here are a few.


woman at business seminar is listening the speakers presentation in office and laughing t20 pYy74e 1Not just belief in what they are saying, but also the belief in who they are saying it to. Anyone can spout motivational phrases and sound convincing, but to really believe it is another story. For a good youth motivational speaker, they need to believe in their charges so much that it hurts.

When they say that they believe in every student in the room, and the power they have to change the world, they own those words. When they say it doesn’t matter where you came from or what you have, they mean it.


Most motivational speakers practice what they preach, and it’s not uncommon for all of them to have some tragic backstories or moments where they were at rock bottom. It’s their willingness to share these stories and keep others from the same fate that makes them motivated. It’s those “He suffered like I did, look at him now moments” that are the real motivation.

If you want to hire a youth motivational speaker who is the best of the best, then you need look no further than Joel Penton. He knows exactly how to speak to students and work with them to unlock their inner power and help them change the world. He believes in youth, and now it’s time that they believed in themselves. Contact Us Today!


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