Youth Motivational Speaker Early Beginnings

Youth motivational speaker Joel Penton has had three college football Big Ten Championships, a seat in the National Championship, and is a winner of the “Humanitarian Heisman.”

His college football career at Ohio State University was his biggest dream: he wanted to be the best football player he could be.

But he didn’t start out great at football, and he had to work hard to get where he was, and where he is now as a youth motivational speaker. He shares his story in his book, “Stand Your Ground.”

He wasn’t good at sports as a kid. Penton was nicknamed “Slow Motion Man.” He started playing baseball in his early childhood, first at the park and then trying out for Little League. He wasn’t picked for the teams when he tried out both years, and then eventually moved on to YMCA Basketball League. He wasn’t chosen for that either.

His dad would often say, “We Penton men are born with a lot of desire to play sports, but not much ability.”

But finally, as he got a little older, he found football. He loved tackling people, and he soon found a love for the defensive line.

He wasn’t good.

He decided: he was going to make a commitment. He wanted to be the best football player he could be. And that meant hard work.

He started doing push-ups and exercises in his bedroom at night and got stronger. He ran. He worked in the weight room. And most importantly, he found friends with the same passion for football.

Youth Motivational Speaker Joel Penton at OSUIn high school, these friends fell into drinking at parties, and Penton was dedicated to his football career, and thus he decided he didn’t want to party like the others. One afternoon, he went to go hang out with his friends, and they rejected him. He felt distraught. Penton had lost all his friends. All throughout high school, he felt like he was looking outside in, and he felt alone.

He shares a thought: “As soon as you sign up for commitment, you are signing up to compete in a serious fight.”

He gives a story of how his friend Ben had always been a funny guy, entertaining teachers, and friends at school. But he fell into drinking, and then eventually drugs, and lost his commitment to being an entertainer. He was kicked out of his home.

But Ben decided to turn it all around and quit it all, moved back in with his Grandma, and then eventually with almost no money and determination, he moved to Chicago to take a chance at his entertainment career. He started at the comedy clubs, working hard to succeed — and now he operates and owns one of the most successful comedy clubs in Chicago, owns a non-profit, and manages other comedians’ careers.

One important thing in the book is you have to fail to succeed. If he hadn’t failed at basketball and baseball, he wouldn’t have found football and then went on to give advice as a youth motivational speaker. If Ben hadn’t examined his failures, he wouldn’t have succeeded in his comedy career.

Youth Motivational Speaker Joel PentonThroughout this thought-provoking and insightful book, Penton offers solutions to many big problems teenagers face, and shows how to commit to a goal and execute the plan.

After winning a National Championship, he was in disbelief and was proud of standing his ground.

After playing football for OSU, Joel became a youth motivational speaker and went on to talk to teenagers about the struggles they face. Joel speaks at high school auditoriums and school assemblies. You can find out more information about Joel and his speeches at Contact us today to book Joel for an assembly at your school!


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