Youth Motivational Speaker - The Past Does Not Define The Future

As a youth motivational speaker, Joel Penton has worked with kids and teenagers from a wide variety of different backgrounds. Some are diligent students who score highly on all of their exams. Others have had behavioral issues, poor grades, or even drug-related problems. However, each of these children has one thing in common - they all have the potential to do something amazing with their lives.

This statement is true because an individual's future can never be defined by the mistakes, missteps, or misdeeds of their past. Joel's youth motivational speaker career has proven that fact ten times over. The child who has had detention 15 times this year can get back on the straight and narrow. The child who has failed classes in the past has the potential to study hard and get into college. And the child who has dealt with drug problems can get away from that world and move on to something bigger and better.

Understanding The Power of Positivity With The Youth Motivational Speaker

Understanding The Power of Positivity With The Youth Motivational SpeakerOf course, it probably goes without saying that transformations such as those mentioned above don't just happen by magic. Instead, they are the end result of a lot of hard work, dedication, and positivity. As a youth motivational speaker, Joel tries especially hard to instill his audience with an overwhelming sense of positivity.

Why does he do this? Well, the answer is simple. When you provide kids with positivity and optimism for their future, it becomes a lot easier for them to find the hard work and dedication they need to improve their lives. Without positivity, their hard work and dedication are likely to fizzle out long before they reach their goals. After all, if they don't believe they can transform their lives for the better, why should they even bother trying?

Put simply, Joel helps kids to find the tools they need to redefine their futures.

How The Youth Motivational Speaker Reaches His Audience

How The Youth Motivational Speaker Reaches His AudienceAs every parent and teacher knows, kids are unlikely to simply become more positive just because someone tells them to. No, to really instill a sense of confidence and optimism into a child's mind, a youth motivational speaker must reach out and speak to them in a real and meaningful way.

For Joel, his background as a college football player with the Ohio Buckeyes has helped him to develop a unique way of connecting with children and teenagers. He speaks to them in the straightforward, common-sense language that truly resonates with them and leaves a lasting impact on their lives. Throughout his talks, Joel speaks out about his personal triumphs over adversity and provides his insights on the best ways to make better choices, take the high road, and take meaningful action when necessary.

In his role as a youth motivational speaker, Joel encourages kids to put their best foot forward in every aspect of their lives. No matter who they are or what they have done in the past, Joel makes sure that they understand exactly what they are capable of achieving in the future.

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