Youth Motivational Speaker Teaches the Benefits of Resilience

Youth Motivational Speaker Teaches the Benefits of Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to handle life's challenges and the inevitable negative events. It is the ability to rebound from difficult situations and persevere when life is difficult. Resilient individuals suffer fewer mental health issues including anxiety and depression. As the percentage of students suffering from some form of anxiety or depression continues to grow, the need to promote resilience within our students also grows. A youth motivational speaker demonstrates to our youth how being resilient helps an individual go through the valleys and come out a better person on the other end.

The ability to remain resilient provides us with protection in the face of otherwise overwhelming life experiences. Resilient individuals can keep a balance in their life through any difficult periods of time. Resiliency also helps protect us from experiencing any mental health issues.

Youth Motivational Speaker Models Building a Positive School Environment

Youth Motivational Speaker Models Building a Positive School EnvironmentStudents who feel connected to their school often demonstrate greater health and academic outcomes. Students who feel that they are important and valued at school feel a greater sense of belonging and being connected. The youth motivational speaker helps schools build this positive school environment. Within such an environment where students feel safe, both physically and emotionally, anxiety decreases and learning outcomes increase.

A positive school environment also brings a sense of purpose and meaning to our students' lives. Having a sense of purpose naturally provides them with more resilience as they have a clear reason to keep pushing forward. A youth motivational speaker who has struggled through different hardships and come through as a better and stronger individual model this skill for our students, demonstrating that they, too, can persevere and be successful.

Teaching Social Skills with a Youth Motivational Speaker

Teaching Social Skills with a Youth Motivational SpeakerImproved social skills create a stronger peer and social network, which leads to a greater ability to get through the hard days and look forward to better ones. The youth motivational speaker rallies a school around the ideas of self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and making responsible decisions. After the youth motivational speaker brings the school together for a common cause, the teachers and staff can follow through using collaborative learning strategies to build and reinforce these social skills. Ultimately, we will all benefit as our students foster positive relationships and work towards a better future.

The youth motivational speaker can also unite the teaching and support staff around the idea of teaching social skills. Staff often become so completely focused on covering the curriculum that other aspects of learning are ignored. As teachers and other staff understand how improving the social skills of the students leads to improved resilience, which leads to improved learning they become more willing to take the time to foster positive relationships with their students.

As a top youth motivational speaker, Joel Penton brings his sincerity and humor to his speeches, rallying students and staff alike to make the right choices. His belief that anyone, no matter his or her skill set, can accomplish great things is infectious and effective in helping schools bring about positive changes. To learn more about Resilience or to have Joel speak at your next assembly, please contact us today.


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