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Joel Penton is a professional motivational youth speaker who wants to light-up your audience! Joel brings fired-up content to inspire the best in your students. Author of the book, Stand Your Ground, Joel knows how to use his life experiences to engage and motivate others. He stands tall among youth motivational speakers, one who brings experience as a team football player for the Ohio Buckeyes and who has overcome personal and professional challenges. He reminds us all to act with our best intentions and strengths.

Reminding your audience to stick with their highest selves

Reminding your audience to stick with their highest selvesJoel wants to bring his experiences to your students to learn and be inspired from. As a star football player, Joel relates his experiences and we can easily succumb to peer pressure or how situations can give into our egos. Through his experiences, Joel has learned of himself, what has affected him in his life, how knowing himself has changed his approach to life and how that approach has allowed him to triumph. Acceptance, the challenges of change and how to maneuver optimally in difficult situations, from the gut. Audience connection is paramount. Joel designs his presentations as a youth motivational speaker with team engagement in mind. He recognizes that we must all be on the same page to work together, like a team, to accomplish amazing things personally and globally.

The Power of Positivity with Joel as a Youth Motivational Speaker

The Power of Positivity with Joel as a Youth Motivational SpeakerBring your students a positive approach to life’s challenges. An entertaining delight that entices a positive approach to life, its choices and the decisions we make about where we want our lives to go. Having a powerful impact, Joe’s messages as a youth motivational speaker engages your audience’s core to act according to their highest goals, at all times. He is a reminder to bring our best selves forth and center. He provides personal examples large and, seemingly small, to connect students in a way that allows them to feel and empathize towards themselves and others. To learn from the mistakes and experiences of others whom we encounter on a day-to-day basis. How we can learn from our own previous mistakes and move forward. He encourages us to stand our ground with our commitments, despite hardships or setbacks.

Relatable Content from Youth Motivational Speaker Joel Penton

In a common-sense language that resonates with your young audience, Joel provides perspectives on choice-making, commitments, taking the higher road and meaningful action. Including academic and athletic achievements, and how to use those to have an impact in their community. Above all, Joel encourages our best selves to come forth in all situations. He calls on us to live with intention and commitment, as a team, as individuals, and in our family lives. Despite our circumstances, Joel is a motivational youth speaker who lets us recognize that we all embody potential and that we can accomplish amazing things when we bring that potential forth and lead with it. He reminds us that we all have the opportunity to make choices with that in mind, We all have the opportunity and the power to act with our best selves, sometimes we just need a reminder. Joel will engage your students in the moment to think and act deeply.


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