How Youth Motivational Speakers Help Students To Develop Their Emotional Intelligence

Youth Motivational Speakers Help Students To Develop Their Emotional Intelligence - Learn How

The teachers of America do an outstanding job of helping their students master the academic skills they need to survive in the real world. However, with such a strong focus on standardized testing and annual reports, it can be tough for them to find time to help the kids develop their emotional intelligence. Fortunately, youth motivational speakers, such as Joel Penton, are always available to assist.

 The Importance of Developing Emotional Intelligence with Youth Motivational Speakers

 The Importance of Developing Emotional Intelligence with Youth Motivational SpeakersMiddle school and high school can be quite traumatizing for young people. For many, bullies are a daily problem. For others, peer pressure to try drugs or alcohol can become overwhelming. Even the students who don't need to deal with either of these issues must somehow figure out a way to navigate their way through puberty and the terrifying prospect of talking to their crush.

Students who are emotionally unprepared for these traumas can be driven to take extreme measures - up to and including suicide. Indeed, a report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association recently indicated that the rate of suicide among U.S. adolescents and young people is currently at the highest level we have seen in almost two decades.

By working with youth motivational speakers such as Joel, students can become better equipped to deal with the events that occur in their lives on a daily basis. Their improved emotional intelligence can help them to resolve their problems in constructive, logical ways, and reduce the risk of them taking any drastic action.

How Youth Motivational Speakers Can Help to Improve Students' Emotional Intelligence Levels

smilingTeenThere are a variety of ways for youth motivational speakers to reach out to students and help them to develop their emotional intelligence. For Joel, positivity has proven to be a particularly useful tool. He helps students to understand that although their struggles may seem insurmountable at first, they can be overcome with time, commitment, and perseverance. Joel lets them know that if they are patient and keep trying, good things will come.

During his high school and middle school assemblies, Joel also tries to teach his students the value of good decision-making. He discusses some of the toughest situations that he has faced throughout his life and walks the students through the thought processes he used to resolve them. The end result of this exercise is students who have a better grasp of how to constructively tackle the problems that stand before them - instead of letting their issues pile up and become overwhelming.

One of America's Leading Youth Motivational Speakers

Over the years, Joel Penton has brought his messages of positivity to almost 1,000,000 students across the United States. During this time, he has garnered a reputation as one of the finest youth motivational speakers in the nation. If you are searching for a presenter for your school's next assembly, he is the perfect choice. To make a booking request, please contact us today.


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