Motivational Youth Speaker - Boosting School Spirit

If you are a principal or administrator who is searching for a way to boost your school's spirit, you have probably noticed that the internet is awash with suggestions. However, when trying to get your students more enthusiastic about their school, there is one solution that stands out above the rest - hiring a motivational youth speaker. Of course, before you rush out and book a motivational youth speaker, you would probably like to know more about how they can help your school. Keep reading to find out.

Anti-Bullying Speakers - Understanding and Addressing the Problem

As one of the leading anti-bullying speakers in the United States, Joel Penton is acutely aware of the prevalence of emotional, and physical, abuse in the nation's school systems. He also understands the consequences of failing to deal with the issue. If you aren't quite up to speed on the severity of America's bullying problem, it is worth looking into the facts before learning more about how anti-bullying speakers like Joel can address it.

Youth Motivational Speaker Teaches the Benefits of Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to handle life's challenges and the inevitable negative events. It is the ability to rebound from difficult situations and persevere when life is difficult. Resilient individuals suffer fewer mental health issues including anxiety and depression. As the percentage of students suffering from some form of anxiety or depression continues to grow, the need to promote resilience within our students also grows. A youth motivational speaker demonstrates to our youth how being resilient helps an individual go through the valleys and come out a better person on the other end.

Motivational Youth Speaker Demonstrates the Art of Active Listening

Successful individuals possess a variety of both hard and soft skills. Hard skills are the teachable abilities, or easily quantifiable skills, including computer programming, ability to operate a machine, possessing a degree or a diploma, and the list goes on. On the other hand, soft skills are the people or interpersonal skills, which are more subjective and harder to quantify, including communication, leadership, teamwork, and time management, to name a few. A motivational youth speaker understands that in today's competitive work market, employers are increasingly looking at an individual's soft skills.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Must Start in Our Schools

Drinking alcohol or using other drugs often starts when individuals are still teenagers, or even younger. Where do our teenagers spend a great deal of their day? Well, at school (at least that is where they are supposed to be), and that is why it is essential that our schools are actively involved in providing drug and alcohol prevention programs.  As individuals experiencing problems with drug and alcohol use seem to get younger each year, these programs must start earlier and earlier. As a result, drug and alcohol prevention programs must occur within all levels of schooling, including elementary school, middle school, and high school.

Youth Motivational Speakers Make a Difference in Student's Lives

Having worked as a youth motivational speaker for many years, Joel Penton has seen the profound impact that his work can have on students across the nation. If you have never attended a youth motivational assembly, but are considering the possibility of bringing one to your school, you may be interested in learning more about the differences that a speaker like Joel can make in a student's life. 

How Youth Motivational Speakers Help Students To Develop Their Emotional Intelligence

The teachers of America do an outstanding job of helping their students master the academic skills they need to survive in the real world. However, with such a strong focus on standardized testing and annual reports, it can be tough for them to find time to help the kids develop their emotional intelligence. Fortunately, youth motivational speakers, such as Joel Penton, are always available to assist.

Anti-Bullying Speakers Can Transform the Learning Environment

For students who are being bullied, getting up and going to school each morning is a thoroughly unpleasant experience. Anti-bullying speakers like Joel Penton are trying to change that. By working in concert with students and school administrators, Joel aims to stop bullying in its tracks and create a more positive learning environment for everybody.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 20 percent of students between the ages of 12 and 18 are bullied during the course of a school year. However, as anti-bullying speakers like Joel Penton are acutely aware, that harassment does not end when the child leaves the school at the end of the day. Instead, it can continue long into the night in the form of cyberbullying.

During his career as a college football player with the Ohio State Buckeyes, Joel Penton encountered many monumental challenges - yet he managed to finish his playing days with three Big Ten Championships, a National Championship, and the Wuerffel Trophy. He is using his career as a motivational youth speaker to teach the leaders of tomorrow exactly how he did it.

For more than 50 years, fear has been the world's number one drug and alcohol prevention tool. Parents, teachers, and other authority figures let kids know that if they so much as looked at a can of beer, they would be grounded, suspended, suffer a grave illness, or even die. Of course, these often over-the-top threats have never been particularly effective. Instead of preventing kids from drinking or doing drugs, the fear of being caught only caused them to hide their activities.

As a youth motivational speaker, Joel Penton has worked with kids and teenagers from a wide variety of different backgrounds. Some are diligent students who score highly on all of their exams. Others have had behavioral issues, poor grades, or even drug-related problems. However, each of these children has one thing in common - they all have the potential to do something amazing with their lives.

Using humor and wit, Joel engages your audience about the less humorous aspects of bullying and why taking an anti-bullying stance is so important. Through his own personal stories and through crowd participation, Joel helps audiences deeply recognize the often unintentional and harmful effects that bullying can have on others. He also helps us recognize why bullying occurs, that often bullying comes from a place of hardship and acts as a shield. Joel’s anti-bullying message takes a positive approach to overcome, rise above and to stand one’s ground.

Joel Penton wants to inspire your audience about making the right choices. He offers his own real-life as an example to demonstrate how acting on the right choices leads to better outcomes, while reminding us of the consequence of less truthful choices. Through his own trial-and-error, Joel brings the wisdom of mistakes to provide a positive message about what he’s learned about the process of decision making, especially when it comes to drug and alcohol prevention.

Joel is a champion motivational youth speaker with a positive message he wants to share with your students. His messages present a shift in thinking about how to approach challenges and choices. Positivity is his theme. Joel brings sincere discussion about relevant topics: peer pressure, bullying, drugs and alcohol prevention, making and keep commitments.

Joel Penton is a professional motivational youth speaker who wants to light-up your audience! Joel brings fired-up content to inspire the best in your students. Author of the book, Stand Your Ground, Joel knows how to use his life experiences to engage and motivate others. He stands tall among youth motivational speakers, one who brings experience as a team football player for the Ohio Buckeyes and who has overcome personal and professional challenges. He reminds us all to act with our best intentions and strengths.

We all have sat under one of those anti-bullying speakers that do their very best to scare you and your students into believing that if they bully, it will come back around to bite them. Does it work? Have we truly seen fruit from these assemblies? Are they relevant?

Many different stories make up people, and sometimes those stories lead them to be a motivational youth speaker. From troubled families, to just “going with the flow” in school, to drugs and alcohol, there are many things that can produce negative reinforcement. But then, there are people who talk about what made them become a success, and the positive things that can make you become who you were meant to be.

Motivational speakers for teens, high school and middle school students, and the youth in general cover a lot of topics, all of them aiming to teach young people the real-life principles they will need for success.

The best motivational speakers for the youth can tailor their presentations to the unique requirements of groups and educational settings. Below are just some of the many topics you can ask an inspirational speaker to cover or incorporate into a youth motivational program:

Booking a motivational speaker is no easy task. You have to find someone who is just the right fit for your audience. You don’t need to spend too much on a motivational speaker to make your event a success. Here are some tips you can follow to help you find the best speaker for your assembly or conference:

A motivational speech at a college graduation must inspire the audience and motivate them to take action. For best results, you need to invite a motivational speaker who can truly connect to the audience. This person can be someone from the student body itself, a public figure, a favorite faculty member, or a certified motivational speaker.


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